Sponsor a Ugandan Child

Otino Waa Residential Program


Sponsorship goes beyond providing for an orphan’s needs, it speaks to the heart of a child and tells them they are valuable, precious and loved. It gives them a sense of belonging and acceptance. For an orphan who has experienced loss, abandonment, rejection and trauma, knowing there is someone out there who cares and wants to see them thrive is life-changing.

Sponsor a Ugandan Child

Otino Waa Residential Program


Fully Sponsored

Aaron Okullu 1022

Age: 19

Okullu Aaron was born in 2004. He joined Otino Waa Children's Village in 2019.

Aaron was able to join with several other children from his village that is very far away. He is happy they all came together. He works very hard in school. He says math is his favorite subject and he would like to be a teacher.

about Aaron

Career Goals: Teacher
Current Grade: P5
Favorite Activity: Soccer
Favorite School Subject: Math
Year Started with Otina Waa: 2019

Sponsorship is $39/month. When you select a child and become a sponsor, you will receive an email giving you access to a secure, individualized online portal. Here you will find the child’s biography, photographs, the option to send letters as well as access to your financial information.

If you would like to speak to someone directly, please call us at 541-678-0102, or send us an email at info@pathinternational.co

Thank you for joining with us in providing for these precious kids! To find answers to frequently asked questions regarding child sponsorship please click here.