We rescue orphaned children in Uganda and Ethiopia, and bring restoration to their lives and communities.

In 2021, we began Community Based Care in Chiro, Ethiopia with 20 children. Chiro is in the Oromia Region and is a smaller town located about 6 hours east of the capital city, Addis Ababa. Today we serve 80 children.

Population: 110,871,031

Over 4.5 million orphans in Ethiopia

Poverty Rate is 90% in the Oromia Region



4.5 million

orphans in Ethiopia

Poverty rate is


in the Oromia Region
(where we work)

  • Ethiopian Literacy: 51.8%
  • IDPs: (internally displaced people) 1,990,168 
  • 88% of children in Ethiopia (36 million) lack access to basic services, with lack of access to housing and sanitation being the most acute. 
  • Chiro Town, our base in Ethiopia, faces immediate threats of Food Insecurity and famine due to drought & the locust plague.

There are over 153 million orphaned children today.
You can help end the global orphan crisis.

In both Uganda and Ethiopia, many families are eating only once a day and the meals lack nutrition. Because of droughts in both countries, malnutrition cases are steadily increasing. Mothers, especially, are likely to suffer as they often go without eating in order to feed their children. Likewise, hunger directly affects school attendance and dropout rates. Students deprived of food often faint at school. Since many families cannot afford medical expenses or food, they neglect to send their children in the first place and children work in gardens or on the streets selling things.

Perhaps one of the greatest underlying causes to these problems and poverty-related needs is the breakdown of the family structure. Many children are cared for by widowed mothers, extended family, and in other cases, the children have been abandoned.

Our work takes the whole child, and their individual situation, into account. We begin by addressing immediate, physical needs. Then we provide structure and stability through education and community support. Our goal is to journey with children and help them become healthy, self-sufficient, purpose-driven adults who will be part of the solution to the problems their nations face.

Community Development

We not only want to rescue the orphan of today, we desire to prevent children from being orphaned in the future.

Orphan Care

Children deserve to do more than survive. Our passion is to see them thrive.


Advance Education

We believe that when a child reaches their fullest potential, the world can change.

Get Involved

Getting to the root of the problem is an essential piece of ending the orphan crisis. The faithful, monthly support of The Hope Collective and Child Sponsors is what fuels this change. The impact is both immediate, and lasting.

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