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Hope Collective

We invite you to join the Hope Collective – a group of monthly donors who are passionate about ending the global orphan crisis. Recurring giving lays the foundation needed to accomplish all this work. We are so grateful for our Hope Collective community and their faithful, generous support!

We rescue orphaned children in Uganda and Ethiopia, and bring restoration to their lives and communities.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsorship goes beyond providing for an orphan’s needs, it speaks to the heart of a child and tells them they are valuable, precious and loved. It gives them a sense of belonging and acceptance. For an orphan who has experienced loss, abandonment, rejection and trauma, knowing there is someone out there who cares and wants to see them thrive is life-changing.

Empower Catalog

Give a gift that changes a life. Each item is an opportunity to empower an orphaned child and the communities we serve. From school supplies and clothing, to medical care and emergency food aid, these gifts will transform lives.


Prayer changes things! Here you’ll find our current prayer needs:


You can help end the global orphan crisis.


We deeply value partnerships with churches in the US, as well as in Uganda and Ethiopia. We’d love to talk more about how we can partner together!


Share the story! If you are passionate about helping orphans, we want you to join our advocacy team. Let’s connect!

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