We rescue orphaned children in Uganda and Ethiopia, and bring restoration to their lives and communities.

Our work in Northern Uganda began in 2003 as an effort to rescue 78 orphans who were being targeted by the LRA to be abducted as child soldiers. Today, we have over 715 children in our program in Uganda.

Population: 44,712,143

48.21% of the population is under the age of 15

Over 2 million orphans in Uganda


Population (2021)


under age
of 14


Million Orphans
in Uganda

  • Today, only 2 out of 5 children who finish primary school are actually literate. 
  • Only 25% of secondary school-age children are enrolled in school. 
  • In northern Uganda, less than 10% of secondary school-age children are enrolled in school.
  • 72% of the population relies on subsistence agriculture to survive. 
  • IDPs in Uganda: 1,491,253 
  • There are 17 physicians for every 100,000 people (2017) Our medical and dental clinic serves all the children, as well as the surrounding population, addressing a critical need for medical care. 

What began as a mission rescue 78 children from being abducted as child soldiers in 2003, has grown to so much more. Today, we have 300 children who live at Otino Waa Children’s Village, with an additional 340 in Community Based Care, and over 75 in our Elevate program.

We have seen hundreds of lives change over the years. And not only that, those rescued orphans are now successful, thriving adults who are contributing valuable skills to Uganda’s society. Our programs aim to journey with a child from the moment of rescue, all the way to the point when they are ready to launch out into the world.

One of the most beautiful things is witnessing an orphan who was a survivor, transform into a child – a child who can play, laugh, imagine and grow. All of this is made possible by the support of generous donors like you – thank you!

Community Development

We not only want to rescue the orphan of today, we desire to prevent children from being orphaned in the future.

Orphan Care

Children deserve to do more than survive.
Our passion is to see them thrive.


Advance Education

We believe that when a child reaches their
highest potential, the world can change.

Get Involved

Getting to the root of the problem is an essential piece of ending the orphan crisis. The faithful, monthly support of The Hope Collective and Child Sponsors is what fuels this change. The impact is both immediate, and lasting.

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