Why Orphan Care?

There are over 11 million orphaned children in Uganda and Ethiopia.

The Orphan Crisis

There are over 153 million orphans in the world today. Major contributing causes to this staggering number are war, poverty, disease, accidents, malnutrition and natural disasters. Other complex factors to the orphan crisis are human trafficking, child prostitution, and child slavery. Globally, a child who has lost one or both parents is considered an orphan.





What happens to orphaned children?

Without the parental love and care needed, the life of an orphan is filled with suffering. Tragically, so many orphans die from starvation or the effects of malnutrition. Those who do survive are often abused, trafficked, use drugs, engage in criminal activity, are incarcerated, and many girls become child brides.





How do you end the global orphan crisis?

We believe that helping one orphan causes a ripple effect – with change spreading from that child countless others. We have witnessed this in hundreds of lives. Our programs aim to journey with orphans from the point of rescue, up until they become responsible, healthy adults who are capable of bringing wholeness and healing to their communities and nations.

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