Community Development

Getting to the root of the problem.

Nutritional Aid

Clean Water


We not only want to rescue the orphan of today, we desire to prevent children from being orphaned in the future. Part of our orphan care work is to solve problems at the source.


wells have been drilled
Each well serves ~5000 people.


springs have
been protected


are receiving emergency
food aid through PATH,
most are children

Our mission to end the global orphan crisis compels us to dig deep and get to the root of the problems that have caused so many children to be orphaned. We look at what vulnerabilities communities are facing and figure out how to solve problems at the source. We focus on clean water, medical intervention for even the most villages, health and hygiene education, disease prevention, peace and reconciliation, women’s empowerment and food aid.

Clean Water Projects

Health is foundational to everything we do. That’s why we are so passionate about bringing clean, safe water wherever we work.

Clean Water Helps Prevent:

  • Diarrhea
  • Intestinal worms
  • Skin infections
  • Typhoid Fever
  • Hepatitis A and E

Spring Protection

Drilling Wells

Safe Water for drinking
and washing

Medical Outreaches

Medical & Dental Clinic: The Otino Waa Medical Clinic provides high quality healthcare to the children in our program, as well as the surrounding communities. We employ 2 of the 320 licensed dentists in Uganda.

Four of our clinic staff are actually Otino Waa graduates who completed medical school and returned to serve orphaned children who are just like they once were.

Medical Outreaches: Because it is difficult or impossible for many villages to access healthcare, our medical team regularly performs Medical Outreaches, bringing healthcare to remote, underserved populations.

We also provide Hygiene Education to the community.

Medical Outreach


Malaria prevention
& treatment

Health and Hygiene

Food Aid

Since early 2020, PATH International has been distributing emergency food aid to thousands of people throughout Northern Uganda. Without this help, the effects of malnutrition would be widespread, and many would have starved to death. Being able to bring hope and encouragement in the form of food has deepened our relationships with the families our kids come from, our church networks, and the community as a whole.

Spiritual Outreach

The Local Church has always been a critical part of our work. Oftentimes it is a pastor or church member who reaches out on behalf of a vulnerable child. Church leaders and pastors are an essential part of our work as they help watch over the children in their communities

We cannot emphasize enough how important our relationships with local churches are. We are so thankful for the partnerships we have formed with pastors, community groups and church bodies to care for the vulnerable orphans in their communities.

Peace and Reconciliation

Part of our work in the community is to help bring peace and reconciliation among the people we serve. Helping families and villages solve problems and disagreements peacefully has long lasting effects. In some cases, parents who had abandoned their children because they had no way of providing even the most of basic needs, return when they learn that PATH has stepped in to help their children. Partnered together, the parents no longer feel alone and they return to rebuild the relationships with their children. 

Get Involved

Getting to the root of the problem is an essential piece of ending the orphan crisis. The faithful, monthly support of The Hope Collective and Child Sponsors is what fuels this change. The impact is both immediate, and lasting.

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