Sponsor a Child

Join us in ending the global
orphan crisis

Sponsor a Child

Join us in ending the global orphan crisis

Help rescue, restore and empower orphaned children in Uganda and Ethiopia.

What We Do at Path

As a Jesus-centered organization we aim to rescue and bring restoration to orphaned children living in the harshest places. We accomplish this by partnering with families, community leaders, and churches to eliminate extreme poverty by addressing vulnerabilities, providing education, and creating opportunities to empower those who have been forgotten.

There are over 153 million orphaned children today.

You can help end the global orphan crisis.

Help rescue orphaned children and create lasting change in communities through monthly giving.

Join the Hope Collective today with a monthly gift of any amount.

Your sponsorship gives an orphaned child hope, education, quality care and they are told of the love of Jesus.

Find a child to sponsor today!

Every single dollar makes a difference! Your gift helps create lasting change in an orphan child’s life and within their community.


Children in our


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How We Work

Community Development

We not only want to rescue the orphan of today, we desire to prevent children from being orphaned in the future.

Orphan Care

Children deserve to do more than survive. Our passion is to see them thrive.


Advance Education

We believe that when a child reaches their fullest potential, the world can change.

Join the

Hope Collective

A group of monthly givers who are passionate
about ending the global orphan crisis.

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Have you seen our Ethiopian yearbook yet? Check it out: https://pathinternational.co/yearbook-2023-2024-ethiopia/ ...

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Need some good news today? Check out Julius Peter`s story...


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Rescue, Restore, Empower.

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Did you know that injera is the staple food in Ethiopia? It`s been described a sour flatbread and has a soft texture and unique flavor. Ethiopians pair it with different meats, curries, spices and sauces and it makes for a delicious meal.

Have you ever tried Ethiopian food?

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In Ethiopia, over 40% of women were either married or in a union before the age of 18. Girls are often given as Child Brides because their families can`t afford to support them or send them to school. But we believe that every girl deserves a chance to receive a quality education. Your support is helping vulnerable families and keeping girls in school! ...

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Kids getting to be kids! Your sponsorship gives an orphan a childhood free from the burden of day-to-day survival. Because of your support, children are thriving!

Find a child to sponsor today: https://pathinternational.co/sponsor-a-child/

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Did you know that only 41% of children in Uganda complete Primary School? We believe that good education is a foundational building block to helping orphaned children rise out of poverty. Learn more: https://pathinternational.co/our-work/ ...

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Are you ready to sponsor a child? Find out more today at: https://pathinternational.co/sponsor-a-child/

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Why is Orphan Care so Important? Learn More:


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Would you join us today on the National Day of Prayer to lift up the children and our ministry before the Lord? And please join us in praying for the millions of orphaned children around the world. ...

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“Father to the fatherless, defender of widows— this is God, whose dwelling is holy. God places the lonely in families; He sets the prisoners free and gives them joy." - Psalm 68:5-6 ...

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Based on UNICEF data, nearly 90% of African children do not meet the criterion for a minimum appropriate diet and over half of African children do not eat at the recommended frequency.

At PATH, one of the first things we address in a child`s life is nutrition and clean water. Your monthly support as a child sponsor or with the Hope Collective makes this possible! Learn more: https://pathinternational.co/get-involved/

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