Uganda Student Sponsorships

Thank you for writing to your sponsored child! 

Know that your words bring so much joy and encouragement to this child, their friends, and their family.

For our residential program, we print and pass out letters every week. In the community program, it is every 2-4 weeks. We encourage our students to write back in a timely manner, but because of their responsibilities in and out of the classroom and language barriers, please be patient. We can tell you that every letter brings a smile and celebration from the children!

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Our Work

We rescue and bring restoration to the lives of orphaned children living in some of the harshes places on the planet. We accomplish this by partnering with families, community leaders and churches, and together, we address vulnerabilities, provide education, and create opportunities to empower those who have been forgotten.

We take a whole-child perspective on orphan care. We empower our graduates to excel beyond secondary school. And we get to the root of the problem though our community development work.

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