Orphan Sisters Reunited at Otino Waa!

by | Mar 11, 2024

Orphaned Sisters Reunited

A year ago, a 12 year old girl named Lucky was brought to live at Otino Waa. Before that, she had been living in a tiny village called Abilibi, in the bush country of northern Uganda. She was the third born of five children and although their life had been difficult facing the challenges of subsistence farming and poverty, their family had been happy.

But things began to change when Lucky was only 8 years old. Her mother got sick and died, leaving her and four other siblings in the care of their father. Then in 2022, her father also died, and all five children were left alone.


In February after S4 graduations, a place became available for Lucky’s younger sister,  Oliver, to join Otino Waa! (The name ‘Oliver’ when used in Uganda is equivalent to the girl’s name of ‘Olivia’ in the US.)

When we picked her up on intake day, so many from the village gathered to send her off. They had witnessed the changes in Lucky each time she visited home during holiday breaks, and knew that Oliver was going to be taken care of.

Arriving at Otino Waa for the first time can be intimidating for a child. Most new children do not know anyone and are unsure of what it will be like to live at the orphanage.

The relief on Oliver’s face when she saw Lucky was clear, and Lucky had the biggest smile seeing her little sister – her family – arrive at Otino Waa. This reunion was a bright spot in the sisters’ story.

YOUR SUPPORT is what has made it possible for Lucky and Oliver have a home and a new life at Otino Waa, Thank you!

You could become an orphan child’s sponsor!

If you desire to help children like Lucky and Oliver, you can find orphans who need sponsors by visiting our website. There are hundreds of sponsorship opportunities available!

Can we help more children?

Our social worker recently shared, “We wanted to bring Oliver in last year with Lucky. Their living conditions were so bad, but there was simply no room. This year, we were able to take in 39 new children after our S4 students graduated, so a space opened up for Oliver. But there are so many more children that desperately need help!

The limitation on how many children we can help comes down to funding.”

An incredible way to help our newest orphans is by giving a one-time gift towards their first year of care. The cost of one year of care for a child at Otino Waa is about $2,000. Your support will help carry these needs while the children wait to be sponsored.

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