Water for 10,000

by | Feb 28, 2022

Your support has helped us drill 2 new wells in Uganda, bringing clean water to 10,000 people. In doing so, you have helped prevent an untold number of illnesses and even deaths. Thank you!

  • Well #1:  Barongin Parish, located 20 kilometers from Otino Waa. This well serves approximately 4,000 people. Up until now, this community had been fetching water from a protected natural spring located very far away and situated so that it was difficult to get the water into the jerry cans. This new well has brought clean, safe water right into the center of the parish.
  • Well #2:  Apala Parish is a densely populated parish, located 25 kilometers from Otino Waa. This is a large area with major water shortages. There is one natural spring that was protected years ago, but it does not produce enough water to meet the needs of the 6,000 people using it.

We are serious about addressing the root issues – like unsafe water – that have caused so many children to become orphaned. Fixing problems at the source is critical if we are going to bring an end to the global orphan crisis. Today, we are celebrating huge progress! Thank you for your support!

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