6th Medical Outreach in 2022!

by | Nov 28, 2022

In November, we held our 6th medical outreach for the year! This was a wonderful blessing for the people of this area. Sick people from 8 different communities came, with almost 200 people receiving treatment.

The majority of the patients were women ranging from young to old, and young children.

Almost all of the children had malaria. 

And a wide range of other sicknesses were treated. Every person who came had the opportunity to be treated for worms. 

The word of God was preached and pastors were available to counsel people as they waited for treatment. 

The people sang songs of praise to God for the help they received and everyone returned home happy and more hopeful. 

The community wanted to express their words of gratitude for the supporters who have made this day possible, they are so grateful! 

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