Christmas Celebration at Otino Waa

by | Dec 8, 2022

In Uganda, we recently held our annual Christmas party! It was a wonderful way to wrap up the school year and celebrate together the birth of our Savior.

There was amazing food, awards, speeches and dancing. This is something that the children look forward to every year, and we want you to know that as a sponsor, you have made Christmas special for so many children!

The Christmas party was held a little bit earlier than normal this year, as schools have closed a week sooner than planned because of ebola in Uganda. Right now everyone is healthy and ebola has not been found in the region where we are located. That said, we do appreciate your prayers and ask for God’s protection and covering over our staff and children, as well as for Uganda as a whole. Pray for healing and that it would stop spreading.

As the kids return to their home villages for Christmas break, please keep them in your prayers. Some will enjoy the time with their relatives, while for others, school breaks can be challenging. Our social workers will continue to check on each of the children and be certain that they have the food and medical care they need.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, and thank you for your generosity that is changing so many lives!

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