Food Distribution in Ethiopia

by | Jan 6, 2023

Part of our CBC program in Ethiopia includes food aid to each family. We recently held a rice and cooking oil distribution day. The guardians were so thankful to receive the items.

The majority of the guardians of our Ethiopian children are widowed mothers. Most of the children in our program have younger siblings, so this food aid helps our children, as well as other vulnerable kids who are not in our program.

This was also a great opportunity to interact with the guardians of our newest children who joined PATH in September. A key piece of our ministry in Ethiopia is working with the widows. We are teaching them business skills and encouraging them to work hard and do what they can to improve their situations.

The change we’ve seen from the first year group of women is extremely encouraging! To date, 12 women have created stable businesses, and this is going far to uplift their families! The first year women are also encouraging the new group of women to take the training and opportunity seriously. And we’re excited to share that their examples are really motivating the second year group.

The newest group of Ethiopian children joined PATH in September. Each of these children are in need a sponsors. Would you consider sponsoring a child today?

Visit our website to learn more about children waiting for a sponsor.

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