Holiday Break – Uganda

by | May 17, 2023

Right now in Uganda, the students are on holiday break. This means that most of our residential Otino Waa children are back in the bush living with relatives. It is a very important time of year in Uganda, as there is so much work to do in the gardens.

We’re thankful to report that the children are doing well and many of them are happy to have time with relatives. There are some situations though where children stay at Otino Waa all the time as they have no one to care for them even for a few days, or they would be in unsafe situations. But in many cases, families are happy to see them and to receive the extra help. Most of the guardians are elderly grandparents.

We do regular check-ins with the kids during holiday break to make sure they are doing well. Most of them are found to be helping with garden work and the young ones love enjoying mangoes with their friends. The guardians report that they see great improvements in the children’s discipline, school performance and they are happy. The guardians so often share that they have hope that the children will be successful and have a good future.

These holiday breaks are so important, as it keeps the children’s ties to their clan and family alive. It is also a good reminder for the kids of what life would look like if they were not a part of PATH. Over the years, we have witnessed how kids work harder in school and are more motivated to do their best after returning from the bush again. They are also always very excited for the plentiful meals, clean homes and security of Otino Waa.

Thanks for staying connected and up to date on what is happening at PATH! If you could keep the children in your prayers during the holiday break, we would appreciate it. We also want to give a shout out to our incredible social workers who work even harder during holiday breaks to travel around and check on the children in both our CBC program and our residential Otino Waa Children. We are very grateful for them and their heart to serve orphaned children!

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