Matching Grant Update

by | Apr 21, 2023

We are so excited to share that we received a $5,000 Matching Grant to help offset the affects of inflation. You gave $6,435, which means that a total of $11,435 was raised! Thank you!!


Learn More: The Impact of Inflation in Uganda and Ethiopia

For the past year, both Uganda and Ethiopia have experienced extremely high inflation rates. In Uganda, inflation has been over 10.5%, and in Ethiopia, inflation has reached over 33%. Additionally, inflation on necessities like food, soap and fuel have been even higher than the national averages.

Inflation is also affecting us in the United States, from the cost of eggs to the price of fuel, we’re all feeling it. But in Africa, among the people we serve, it can mean the difference between eating and not eating.

Unfortunately, these sharp increases in costs are directly affecting our operations budget at PATH International. In 2022, we had to spend much more than planned on essentials like food, hygiene items, medicine and fuel. And as we progress into 2023, we are still facing these crippling elevated inflation rates.

We are doing everything we can to wisely steward what God provides. And we have faith that He will continue to bless and provide for the hundreds of children we care for. But we wanted to share what is happening and how it is affecting our ministry.

We are so thankful for the generous gifts we’ve received to help offset the affects of inflation. Thank you to everyone who gave, let’s praise God for his faithful provision!

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