Tobby and Jonathan

by | Jan 10, 2022

This month, 130 new children are joining PATH International! We’d like to introduce you to two of those children. We are so pleased to welcome Tobby and Jonathan to residential care at Otino Waa Children’s Village!

After the death of their father, Tobby (left) and Jonathan (right) were left to live with their elderly and weak grandmother. Most days they had only one meal, some days they went completely without. They searched for food in other people’s gardens, gathered firewood from the bush, and would fetch water for the family. Occasionally, a kind neighbor would bring them food when there was enough to spare.

The local community leader in their village contacted PATH to see if the boys could receive some form of help. When we arrived to assess the situation, it was quickly decided that both boys needed to join residential care at Otino Waa.

Their relatives are relieved, and Tobby and Jonathan said they were very excited for the chance to go to school and to sleep on a mattress. They did not hesitate for a moment when our social workers came to bring them to their new home at Otino Waa.

This photo was taken 3 days after the brothers arrived at Otino Waa. Jonathan is on the far left, and Tobby is next to him. They are adjusting well to life at Otino Waa, enjoying consistent meals every day, clean clothes, a bed to sleep in, and making friends.

Today is their first day of school at Otino Waa Primary and the start to a whole new path for them.

Without your support, Tobby, Jonathan, and the other 128 new children who recently joined our ministry would not have this life-changing opportunity. Thank you for giving these precious children the chance to live a healthy, full life, receive education, and be introduced to the love of Jesus Christ.

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