Medical Clinic Offering Maternity Care

by | Jan 20, 2022

One of the most important services we provide as a ministry is medical care for our children and the community. The location of the clinic, which is a few miles outside of Lira town, has brought medical care within reach to thousands of people who, otherwise, would struggle to access medical services in town.

This month, we are thrilled to share that our medical clinic has been upgraded from Level 2 to Level 3! In Uganda, clinics are rated by four levels, with 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest. This upgraded status is a huge achievement, and it will allow for the clinic to receive more government resources and open up greater opportunities to serve the community.

The clinic is staffed and lead, in part, by Otino Waa graduates. We are so proud of our medical staff who have worked hard to improve the clinic and continually serve orphaned children and communities.

Another very exciting bit of news to share with you is that we’ve added a maternity suite to the clinic and the very first baby was born last week! Both the newborn baby girl and mother are doing well. In Uganda, the infant mortality rate is 46 of 1,000, so being able to provide care for mothers and their babies is a huge need, especially in the rural region we work in.

YOUR SUPPORT is bringing essential, life-saving services within reach to thousands of people. Thank you for your prayers, your generous support, and your heart to serve vulnerable children and communities in Africa.

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