Yearbook 2023-2024 Ethiopia

by | May 15, 2023

We are very excited to bring you our 2023-2024 Ethiopian Class photos! Below you’ll find the grades and names of our students. Some grades have two photos.

Thank you so much for sponsoring these amazing kids!

1st Grade

Back L to R: Hana Teshome, Kerima Abdulselam, Ermias Demse, Obsa Jamal, Makbel Addisu, Ferhan Hindres, Obsa Kedir, Obsina Denbel, Rediet Binyam.

Front L to R: Kalkidan Dechas, Jeneti Abujeber, Edelawit Wondiye, Nimona Abdisa, Abel Yerga, Mikiyas Seifu, Obse Efrem

First Grade

Back Row, L to R: Arseema Gezahegn, Jeneti Abujeber, Hana Teshome, Mikiyas Seifu (in front), Ferhan Hindres (behind), Obsa Kedir, Obsa Jamal, Kerima Abdulselam

Front Row L to R: Ermias Demse, Abel Yerga, Nimona Abdisa, Makbel Addisu, Rediet Binyam, Obse Efrem, Fiza Mustefa (Behind), Kalkidan Dechas (in front), Obsina Denbel.

Second Grade

Back Row L to R: Abuzer Aliye, Muadi Mohammed, Sebontu Muskin, Hikma Siraj, Seifen Aliye, Kimya Mohammed, Destu Abdella, Ayantu Hassen.

Front Row L to R: Addisu Wendiye, Hamdi Sadiq, Nati Murad, Qalab Tamrat, Kirubel Istefanos.

Second Grade

Back Row L to R: Hamedi Sadiq, Muadi Mohammed, Abuzer Aliye, Hikma Siraj, Destu Abdella

Front Row L to R: Kirubel Istefanos, Addisu Wendiye, Qalab Tamrat, Kimya Mohammed.

3rd Grade:

Yazid Hassen, Seifen Ahmedin

Fourth Grade

Back Row L to R: Helen Derbe, Leensa Fuad, Kalkidan Mamush, Derartu Gosa

Front Row L to R: Riste Mershia, Yonas Zegiye, Alamudin Hussein

Fourth Grade

Back Row L to R: Derartu Gosa, Leensa Fuad, Kalkidan Mamush

Front Row L to R: Yonas Zegiye, Murade Aliye, Alamudin Hussein

5th Grade

Left: Mefkira Ahmed

Right: Mahilet Abeyot

5th Grade

Left: Dureeti Kunuz,

Right: Mahilet Abeyot

Sixth Grade

Kalkidan Abay, Ashenafi Kefyalew, Edelawit Shambel

Seventh Grade

Left: Yeabsera Iyasu

Right: Besufikad Iyasu

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