Barobogo Medical Outreach – Uganda

by | May 5, 2023

On May 3rd we had the opportunity to do a Medical Outreach to the Barobogo community in Northern Uganda.

This is one of the communities that we drilled a well for in 2022. Since the well was drilled, we have seen a major improvement in the overall health of the community. The water situation before was causing crippling health problems, so we are very excited to see such drastic improvement.

There was a huge turn out and people from 6 different villages came to receive medical help. A team of trained medical professionals, counselors, social workers and pastors served the people throughout the day.

Medically, the most common diseases were ulcers and UTIs among the women, and malaria among the children. We also saw recurrent conditions that had lasted for a long time among patients because of no treatment or insufficient treatment. Oftentimes people will stop taking their medicine as soon as they feel better, which results in worsened infections and resistance to antibiotics. These individuals were treated and counseled.

An in depth health education talk was given bey two of the medical professionals. This was our second medical outreach to Barobogo, and so we knew what major issues the community faces and were able to provide more education on those areas during this second medical outreach. Health education is so important in these rural communities!

Counseling and preaching from the Word of God took place hand in hand as patients waited their turn to receive medical help. Medical outreaches are such a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel and encourage believers in their faith. People kept praising God through singing, dancing and clapping because he brought them medical help. Everyone who came received deworming tablets and all left encouraged. The community leaders sent their appreciation to the supporters who made this possible.

This medical outreach was sponsored by Visions of Hope, an organization that PATH has been connected with for many years. Visions of Hope provides the opportunity for inmates to support orphans in unique ways while engaging our community and applying God’s love to the process. Over the years, dozens of inmate artists have created beautiful works of art which are sold and the proceeds go to help orphaned children.

We greatly appreciate Visions of Hope’s partnership and support!

To learn more about Visions of Hope, visit: https://visionsofhope.org/

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