4 Siblings, 6 Months, Infinite Change

by | Jul 11, 2022

Akello is an 11 year old little girl who came to Otino Waa this year. She is one of six children in her family. Sadly, her father died in 2017 of AIDS, and her mother died of AIDs in 2019. After they lost their parents, the oldest child became the head of the household and the children struggled to survive from day-to-day.

Later on, their aunt returned to their home village. She had been married when she was only 16 years old and left because of domestic violence. She was unable to have children, which caused a lot of conflict in the marriage and sadness for her.

“Life was better when my Auntie came in, although she was dealing with her own pain, too. My little sister Linda and I would sleep together on the same mat with my aunt, we just felt safer having a big person around.”

They couldn’t go to school as there was not enough money for school fees, and all the children had to work in other people’s gardens in order to eat.

Survival was priority, not education. Many times they only had one meal a day.

When Akello’s aunt learned of Otino Waa, she requested help. This year, in February of 2022, Akello, her younger sister Linda, older brother Brian, and older sister, Robina all came to Otino Waa.

Today Akello and her siblings are doing amazing.

“I love getting to eat meals everyday, go to school and make new friends. I even get to sleep in a bed on a mattress with sheets and a blanket.”

Akello is learning quickly and already can speak and understand basic English. The children’s health has improved with the better nutrition and sanitation. She says that someday she would like to work in the medical field. Perhaps most touching, Akello is no longer afraid.

(Photo: Left to right – Linda, Robina, Brian, Akello on their first day at Otino Waa.)

Without you, Akello, Brian, Linda and Robina would still be struggling to survive today. Your faithful support is crucial, and it is changing lives!

Photos below: The children enjoying school.

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