When your water looks like a latte, there’s a problem.

by | Jun 28, 2022

You woke up early this morning to tend to your garden. Don’t you wish your vegetables had as much perseverance as the weeds? The morning was cool. The moon was glowing and the mosquitos were still out when you began working. But as the sun and the temperatures climbed higher, even the most ravenous mosquitoes hid from the intense heat.

You tighten the scarf holding your youngest child on your back and begin walking home. Your older children pick up their tools and follow. You’re all hot, tired and ready for a break, but you’re encouraged to see the tiny green leaves poking through the soil.

As soon as you reach home, your thirsty children eagerly hold out their cups for a drink. You lift the heavy jug of water you filled this morning. But for a moment, you hesitate, the large yellow jerry can suspended in the air. Then you pour, shuddering as the milky brown liquid fills the cups held by the innocent little hands you love so much. You know what illnesses may follow – diarrhea, skin infections, worms, maybe even typhoid. But there are no other options, there is no other choice. You choke down the murky liquid, watching your children do the same, wondering if things will ever change.

You do Orphan Care, so why spend time and money on Community Development?
(This is a question we get asked a lot.)

The reality is, where we work, thousands upon thousands of people are without clean water. Many of our kids
are orphans because their parents died of water-related illnesses; countless children die each year from waterborne diseases. But it doesn’t have to be this way! This is a problem we can solve.

Everytime we drill a well or protect a natural spring, it benefits an orphan in our care. It also benefits their siblings, their grandma, their best friend, and an entire community around them. Putting it bluntly, we would rather keep parents alive than wait until their children are orphans before we step in to help.

We do community development because we do orphan care.

What sets PATH apart is that while we are rescuing, educating, and loving orphaned children, we are simultaneously tackling the major root problems that threaten communities: Water, Healthcare, Emergency Food Aid, and Women’s Empowerment. This highly effective, preventative work is possible through the consistent, monthly support of Child Sponsors and The Hope Collective.

I understand Child Sponsorship,
but what is the Hope Collective?
The Hope Collective is a group of donors who give a recurring donation – of any amount they choose – each month. This consistent, monthly giving fuels every aspect of our ministry.


Right now, we are looking to grow the Hope Collective. If you are ready to join a passionate community of world changers, sign up today!

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