Drilling Wells for Lasting Change

by | Jun 7, 2022

Two new wells were just drilled and dedicated in Uganda!

We were able to commission and hand over two wells to the communities of Apala and Barongin Parishes in Alito Sub County, Uganda.

This was a day of jubilation for the communities that had struggled with the lack of clean water for many years. 

About eight villages are able to draw water from these two new water sources. Each village is home to approximately 600 – 750 people. This means that the two new wells will bring clean, safe water to well over 5,500 people!

These two wells are the only clean water sources in the area, so the communities are overjoyed and so relieved to finally have safe water. 

However, the lack of clean water in the area for so long has caused serious health problems among the people. They have been struggling with waterborne diseases. 

The communities were so grateful that God has finally answered their prayer for clean water and the local leaders anticipate that it will greatly improve their health.

“From Uganda, we want to send great thanks to the supporters who have brought safe water to thousands. May God Bless you, for you are changing lives!” – Gloria

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