Visitation Day at Otino Waa

by | Jun 7, 2022

Visitation Days are one of the many ways we try to help Otino Waa kids stay bonded to their family and keep guardians engaged with the children.

Robina and her Grandma
On the most recent Visitation Day, Robina’s Grandmother said: “Robina is my only hope, my love for her is so great! Robina was left when she was just a baby and I cared for her for a long time. This has created deep love for her in my heart. Even today I still feel like carrying Robina like a baby. I was not able to offer her much, and I am so thankful that PATH came in to help care for Robina. It brings much joy in my heart to see her healthy, going to school and happy like this.
I want to speak blessings to the source of the support!”

Daphine and Finella (twins) and their Grandmother

Grandmother: “My heart feels so much peace. Before, the twins and I would fall sick so often, but since PATH has stepped in, I have had a great improvement in my health and I see the same improvement in the girls. I’ve noticed great changes in the kids since they joined Otino Waa.

I am just so thankful to God for this opportunity and I believe it is just the grace and the favor of God towards our family.”

On Visitation Days, the legal guardian of the child can come and spend the day at Otino Waa.

For some children, it is a joyful reunion. For others, it can be a difficult day. But staying connected to their relatives is an important element to caring for orphaned children, especially those who need to live full time at Otino Waa.

Caring for orphaned children is complex, and every situation is different. But we are so grateful that God has called us into this work of ministering to children, as well as their relatives. Through your support, children are receiving the care and support they need to not only survive – but to thrive. And the love and hope of Jesus Christ is being shared far beyond the gates of Otino Waa. Thank you for your generous support!

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