Lela Alit Medical Outreach – Uganda

by | Jun 23, 2022

After drilling a well in the Lela Alit community, PATH’s medical staff decided that this area was extremely in need of a medical outreach. 

A team of medical professionals, social workers and pastors arrived early in the morning, ready to help the people who had waited a long time for this day. Over 230 people came to seek medical treatment.

After a welcome from the local leaders, a pastor preached from the Bible while the medical team got set up. 

Our clinical officer, Andrew, spoke to the crowd about health and hygiene. He went into detail about treating and preventing common illnesses, the importance of boiling water, eating fruit and vegetables, getting exercise and utilizing the correct medications. The people were very attentive and eager to learn. 

As the day continued, people were praising and thanking God for the marvelous gift of healing that came. Many also accepted Jesus as their Savior!

The majority of the people were children and women. We treated everything from malaria and skin infections, to flu and wound care. Everyone who came had the opportunity to be dewormed. And now that there is a clean water source, the effects of deworming will be long-lasting. 

With each medical outreach, food distribution or child sponsored, the ties between PATH and the communities we work in are strengthened. And the love of and hope of Jesus is being preached to hundreds of people every month. Thank you for your amazing support that is helping make this possible!

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