Girls Soccer Team Win Regionals!

by | Aug 25, 2022

Congratulations to the girls soccer team

for winning the Regional Tournament this year!

Both the Otino Waa Boys’ and Girls’ soccer teams made it to regionals this year, and we are so proud of each team! They represented Kole District at the Regional Tournament that took place in Agago District,  Acholi Sub Region.

The girls won the tournament and they will be representing the Northern Region in the National competition that will be held in Jinja in September. It was great to rejoice in their victory. The girls won 2:0 at the final game.

The boys’ team made it all the way to the Semi finals. They played hard and we are very proud of them!


Because of your support, our kids are thriving, playing, learning and becoming who God created them to be! Thank you so much for walking with these incredible children out of poverty, and into a future full of hope. We are so grateful for your partnership!

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