Upgrading Curriculum!

by | Sep 14, 2022

Right now we are raising money to update all of our curriculum in the Otino Waa Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as in our Community Based Care partner schools.

Why do we need new curriculum?

We want the education that all of our children receive to equip them for life, not just to pass an exam. We want them to be ready and able to compete for good jobs and to be able to navigate life after they graduate from PATH.

One of the major benefits of the curriculum we will be upgrading to, is that it includes components on critical thinking skills, problem solving and phonics.

This was a day of jubilation for the communities that had struggled with the lack of clean water for many years. 

The cost of the curriculum is $45,000 and includes:

  • Curriculum for all 11 grades at Otino Waa Primary and Secondary schools, as well as all grades at our 5 Ugandan CBC partner schools.
  • All the new textbooks, workbooks, activity sheets and school supplies
  • Teacher training to implement the curriculum
  • Teacher training will also include topics like trauma care, classroom management, learning styles and helping children develop resilience.

The new curriculum will benefit all the PATH children, as well as all children who attends our partner schools who are not in our program.

This means the curriculum will benefit over 1,750 students!

Would you consider giving a special, one-time donation to help purchase and implement new school curriculum for over 1,750 students?

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