Investing in Education

by | Sep 21, 2022

A while back, you decided to say ‘Yes’ to helping orphans. And like you, hundreds of others have believed that, in spite of all the challenges places like Uganda and Ethiopia face, change is possible, and it is worth investing in!

And while you may have signed up to sponsor one specific child, or gave a one-time gift to help with a certain need, we want you to know that your ‘Yes’ has set off a chain reaction that is affecting hundreds of other lives!

  • When you Sponsored a Child, your monthly gift helped us care for your child, as well as reach other vulnerable orphans with the education, food, medical care and the love of Jesus.
  • And when you gave to drill a well in your CBC child’s village, you brought clean water to your child, as well as thousands of others who call that village home.
  • When your faithful, monthly support enabled us to bring a medical outreach to one of our CBC partner schools, it provided healthcare PATH orphans, their classmates, and hundreds of other families in the area.

The decision to intervene on behalf of one life has a ripple effect! And that is how and why ending the global orphan crisis is possible!

Investing in Children by Investing in Education

We are committed to raising up our children with the skills, abilities and mindset to live full, healthy and purpose-driven lives. Quality education is foundational to this. That is why we are making the investment to improve our school’s curriculum. The curriculum we have carefully selected includes components like critical thinking, problem solving, conflict management, learning styles and so much more. We have also committed to training our teachers well so that they can successfully implement the new curriculum.

We are really excited about this, because it will not only impact our own PATH children, but also help hundreds of other children who are not a part of PATH, but attend one of our CBC partner schools. This means that the teacher training and curriculum will initially reach over 1,750 students, and that’s not counting the successive classes to follow each year!

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