Minakulu CBC Visit

by | Mar 29, 2022

We delivered food to 29 homes including the Pastor who coordinates the CBC program for the Minakulu area. Each home received 20kg of Posho flour, soap for each PATH child, and pads for the older girls in the program. Guardians and kids were very happy and so thankful for the support they received.

A great percentage of families were already struggling to feed their family as the crops are suffering from too much sun and not enough rain. Most people are now preparing their gardens and getting ready to put the seeds down with the first drops of rain that the region has started receiving late this week.

Each household reported that their major challenge has been getting enough food and purchasing soap as the prices have gone so high lately.

The children have been faithfully attending school on a regular basis, except for when they are out with an illness or to get treatment. The guardians were reminded to bring the children to Otino Waa clinic in case of any illness.

All kids were proudly dressed in their school uniforms. 

The faithful support of Child Sponsors and The Hope Collective make this possible! You can become a part of this change today by finding a child to sponsor or joining the Hope Collective!

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