Obanga Omarowaa – “God Has Loved Us”

by | Aug 3, 2022

In July, we were thrilled to complete another two wells in Uganda! To celebrate, we met with the villages and leaders to hand off the care of the well to the community. 

The village of Bar Obogo formerly had one spring fed water source that was shared by people in three villages.

“There used to be a lot of fights and conflict at the spring as large numbers of people would all be wanting to draw water at the same time. Our community had struggled for a long time and many children have signs of intestinal worms.” – Bar Obogo Leader 

The next step is to do do a deworming clinic in this area to clear away the intestinal worms and start a new life with clean water.

About 240 households in Bar Obogo, as well as two neighboring villages, are now able to draw clean water from this well. 

The community refers to the drilled well as a “Deep Well” and they named it “Obanga Omarowaa” which means “God has loved us.” The community believes that God gave them this Deep Well as a demonstration of his love upon their lives. For He heard their cry for clean water and answered them.

They sang praises to God as they received the well. PATH’s Executive Director, Dave Shuping, shared a word to the community about the need for the Living water that God gives. It was a wonderful message that touched and moved the crowd who had gathered.

We join with Bar Obogo to praise God who heard their cry for clean water and answered them through supporters like you. You are touching, saving and giving life to many. 

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