Food Distribution Brings Hope

September Updates – Uganda

by | Sep 20, 2021

Reverend Dickens and our team of social workers and medical staff continue to visit communities for food delivery and medical care. Most of the children are doing alright, but food aid continues to be critical. This year more than ever, our mission to rescued orphaned children has tied us closer to the communities and families our children come from. Working together and helping the guardians has never been as important as it is now. We deeply value our partnership with families and churches to care for orphaned children.

We are celebrating rain! We have entered the second growing season and this time the rains have been good so far! Families are starting to get more excited and have hope for a good harvest. After multiple seasons of drought, a plentiful harvest will go far to helping boost health, well being and moral throughout northern Uganda.
Pastor Douglas and Reverend Dickens have been mobilizing the churches and small groups for more community outreaches. There has been an increase in violence and domestic abuse across the country. This is not surprising given the scarcity and frustration in the community. 

Prayer Requests:

  • For government leaders to lead with wisdom and with the students’ best interest in mind
  • Against corruption in decision making
  • For continued health of the students
  • Against the spread of COVID
  • For peace in the hearts of people and for violence to end
  • For the Spirit to lead church outreaches and many hearts turn to God
  • For unity for all the staff

Thank you for joining with us in prayer!

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