Transportation Needs at Otino Waa

by | Jun 12, 2023

Right now, one of our more pressing needs in Uganda is related to transportation. There are 3 different types of vehicles needed:


8 Motorcycles for Social Workers and Staff

We have 334 children in our Community Based Care program, who live outside of Otino Waa. We keep in close contact with each child to ensure that they are safe, fed, going to school and being cared for properly.

To accomplish this, our social workers make regular visits to each child’s home. Some children live up to 1.5 hours away from Otino Waa. Many of their villages are remote and there are no main roads to reach them.

Motorcycles allow our social workers to navigate narrow footpaths and rough roads whether it is dry or rainy season. They are also less expensive to fuel and repair than cars or trucks.

Cost: $3,000 per motorcycle, for a total of $24,000

Lorry Truck

We are in need of a large truck to transport crops, bread and lumber.

Background: In 2019, we purchased and planted 10 acres of maize and beans at an off-site location, called the Alito Farm, to simultaneously deepen our agricultural vocational training experience, and reduce Otino Waa’s food budget. The Alito Farm yielded tremendous success and we purchased an additional 10 acres in 2022.  

We also operate a bakery in Lira where we bake 360 loaves of bread per week to feed children at Otino Waa and to sell commercially. Our hope is to increase the bakery capacity as we increase our commercial sales. Once again, this helps cut down on our food budget costs.

In addition to our need to transport crops and bakery items, we have a need to transport lumber generated from our vocational training program which utilizes a portable sawmill.

Cost: $50,000 for a quality, used truck/lorry

Bus for Students and Staff Transportation

We are in need of a bus that can transport our students and staff. Our hope is to purchase a large capacity van or bus that can accommodate up to 30 people. This will allow us to transport students to various academic competitions and sporting events, as well as help with staff transportation.

Cost: $50,000 for a quality, used bus or van

The total amount needed for our transportation needs is $124,000. Would you consider giving to help meet this need?

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